Contains resources derived from the contents of the saker.nest repository


The badges are generated by https://shields.io/.

The repository provides access to badges that you can use to display various information about a given package. They are automatically updated when a new version is published.

Markdown for the version of a package:

Latest version

![Latest version](https://mirror.nest.saker.build/badges/PACKAGENAME/version.svg)

Adding a link to the badge to the package page:

Latest version

[![Latest version](https://mirror.nest.saker.build/badges/PACKAGENAME/version.svg)](https://nest.saker.build/package/PACKAGENAME "PACKAGENAME | saker.nest")

Note: you may need to add a backslash '\' in the above link title
as some markdown may interpret it as a table:
"PACKAGENAME \| saker.nest"

Full badge with package name:

Latest version

![Latest version](https://mirror.nest.saker.build/badges/PACKAGENAME/full.svg)